We deal in quality products from genuine suppliers of fabric & yarns. Our wide range of products are consumed by very well known garment and terry towel manufacturers.

Yarn Product Range:

100% cotton yarn – The most widely-used natural fiber, highly-versatile cotton is known for its strength and comfort and is used in an amazingly wide variety of textile materials.

Poly Cotton Blended Yarn in Combed and Carded – Among our most popular yarn products, we have a complete stock of all types of both combed and cotton poly-cotton blends.

Nylon Yarn – Nylon yarn type is a synthetic man-made material known for its strength and elasticity. Nylon yarn is commonly used to make upholstery fabrics.

Viscose Yarn – Viscose yarns are made by regenerating cellulose from viscose by treatment with a solution of salts and acids (electrolytes). Viscose yarn can be used to weave embroidery and imitation silk fabrics.

Fabric Product Range:

Single Jersey:
Single Jersey happens to be one of the well received and widely used forms of knitted fabric. It is a practical fabric, which is available in different quality structures, and is sometimes referred to as 'single knit'. There are many aspects to this form of fabric, namely single jersey, with regards to weight, color fastness, width, etc. The fabric is also freely available, in a plethora of colors, designs, and or prints.

Baby Rib knitted fabric is produced on either, a circular rib machine, or a flat rib machine. A raised wale or ridge in the knitted material is the hallmark of this specific variety of fabric. Rib knitted fabric and baby rib knitted fabric is widely used the world over. The rib knits on the fabric may be simple and or complicated, and this depends solely on the end rib knitted fabric in mind. We deal in the supply of competitively priced, top quality baby rib knitted fabric.

Double Knitted:
Double Knitted fabric is a firm fabric which has fine ribs on it. Its weight ranges from medium to heavy, and it is popular because of its minimal stretch quality. Double knitted fabric is useful in the making of pants, skirts, jackets, etc, and it is one fabric, which usually looks the same on both sides. We supply double knitted fabric of many varieties and understand the essence of this field.

Spandex knitted fabric is well known for its stretch capabilities of up to 70% or so. It should come as no surprise then, that this two way stretch fabric, has its very own share of fan following. A point about spandex, which is of great interest and worth mentioning here, is the fact that cotton/spandex has more stretch on crosswise grain, while nylon/spandex generally stretches more lengthwise. Spandex is used in the making of swimwear, leggings, athletic wear, etc, and SHM Traders is the place to find good spandex knitted fabric.

Lycra knitted fabric can be termed as a derivative of Spandex, and it is thought to represent good value for money. It features many qualities like durability, good tear strength, and is shrinkage free. Some popular varieties of Lycra knitted fabrics include Loop Back Lycra, and Rib Lycra. BRAK offers a huge variety of all the different high quality Lycra knitted fabrics.

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