About Us

From a humble beginning in 1975 today we have grown many folds. In our decades of journey dedicated to Textile Industry, we have always kept our promises to deliver.

BRAK is today known name for sourcing Yarn and Fabric in local as well as national  market.

Our main activity is sourcing and supplying of different types of Yarns & Fabrics, thus bridging the gap between manufacturer and customer. We have years of excellent contacts and reputation with leading suppliers as well as manufacturers in India for good quality products on one side and we firmly believe in long-term relationship with our suppliers & customers by providing sincere and prompt services. We lay special emphasis on price, quality and on-time deliveries.

We understand our key task which is firstly to understand the specific needs of our clients and secondly, to ensure that they receive as per their requirement and expectations. Our success is solely on our supplier’s and our customer’s success.

More than ourselves, our principals know us and are always glad to speak about our way of dealing, infrastructure, sales network, performance, etc. On other hand we have internationally renowned names in our clientele with whom we have supplied yarn and fabric worth of billions.

Our team possesses sound knowledge in their individual area of specialization and offers the best quality service to the clients. Our best management practice, defined business process and hard working team had enabled us to grow and we foresee bright future ahead.

BRAK core values of transparency, accountability and monitoring creates an edge over others in the similar trade.

We are always keen to establish new relation in textile industry globally.

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